All-Island Networking and Cooperation

IntertradeIreland, the cross border trade and business development body, have responsibility to measure funding and support for North-South collaboration under the EU framework programmes. To achieve this, the organisation works closely with contact point networks and departments in Ireland and Northern Ireland. An All Island Steering Committee, facilitated by InterTradeIreland meet regularly to discuss North/South collaboration on Horizon funding.

InterTradeIreland also provide cross border collaboration and EU travel vouchers for partners from Ireland and Northern Ireland who want to meet each other on the island and in the EU to work on their consortium. The organisation also hosts a series of select focus on events to provide bespoke training and collaboration opportunities for potential partners from across the island of Ireland.

As of October 2020, the total funding secured from projects that had both an Irish and Northern Irish partner was €107,953,045 with Northern Ireland’s share being €39,168,506 or 36.3% of total funding.

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