The UK has joined the EU’s ‘Chips Joint Undertaking’ giving the semiconductor sector enhanced access to a €1.3bn Horizon Europe fund for research up to 2027.

British semiconductor researchers and businesses have enhanced access to research funding backed by the UK government and Horizon Europe, now that the UK has joined the EU’s ‘Chips Joint Undertaking’.

  • Semiconductor sector to benefit from up to £35 million, plus European funds, in a boost to British leadership in research of cutting-edge chip technology
  • UK joins European initiative to access €1.3 billion Horizon Europe funding pot for collaborative semiconductor research projects
  • Boost to help push the boundary of semiconductor design, improving tech used in all digital devices and advances the government’s plan to secure long-term growth

About Chips Joint Undertaking
Chips Joint Undertaking supports research, development, innovation, and future manufacturing capacities in the European semiconductor ecosystem. Launched by the European Union Council Regulation No 2021/1085 and amended in September 2023 as part of the Chips for Europe Initiative, it addresses semiconductor shortages and strengthens Europe’s digital autonomy, engaging a significant EU, national/regional and private industry funding of nearly €11 billion. The Chips JU is funded by the European Union, Chips JU Participating States and the Private Members.

Further information is available on the CHIPS JU website