In January, the European Commission called on all Europeans to join in and help us co-design a project to rethink the way we live together and connect the Green Deal to our living spaces. The New European Bauhaus wants us to work together to make our ways of living more beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive. What started as a call for ideas and inspiration a few months ago is now becoming a growing community. The New European Bauhaus already counts over 200 official partners from all EU countries, a high-level roundtable of 18 experts including designers, innovators, activists and academics, and thousands of citizens who follow and engage with the initiative online and through local events. You can now navigate through all the contributions collected. The co-design ended on 30 June, but the conversations will not stop here.

In September, based on the outcomes of the co-design phase, the concept of the New European Bauhaus as it developed in the last months will be presented in a Commission Communication.

The Communication will also provide an insight into the related policy aspects and the first elements of a support framework for delivery, including launching calls for pilot projects. Conversations and activities will resume after the summer to feed a place and purpose based community that supports local efforts and helps make the New European Bauhaus a truly transformative process. Read more.