Engineering Ciaran Prunty

Ciarán is Northern Ireland Contact Point for Engineering and is keen to ensure parties are connected to the right opportunities and support, across the highly cross-cutting Horizon Europe programme. His role is focused on supporting engagement from regional stakeholders including the aerospace supply chain, mechanical/civil engineering, materials and manufacturing sectors. Key strategic priorities for these areas are increased circularity, climate neutrality, innovation and digitisation.
He supports the INDUSTRY component of Cluster 4 which sees Destinations in “Climate Neutral, Circular and Digitised Production” and “Increased Autonomy in Key Strategic Value Chains for Resilient Industry”
He also supports the MOBILITY component of Cluster 5 “Clean and Competitive Solutions for all Transport Modes” and “Safe, Resilient Transport and Smart Mobility Services for Passengers and Goods” plus elements of “Cross-Sectoral Solutions for the Climate Transition”.



028 9097 3199 & +44(0) 7964244796